This English site is for international shipping out side Japan.


"Father's Day Series"

"Hozuki no Reitetsu Series"

"Golden Fish Series"

"Kyo-Veggie series"

"Lucky Charm Series" Red and White are happiness colors.

"Museum collaboration series"

"Mushroom Series" Amazing detailed mushroom embroidery patches,buttons and more.

"Kabuki Series"

  • Patch


    Head of thieves in a play. Posing menacingly. Inspired by Ukiyoe painted by Sharaku.


  • Patch


    Committed adultery but unpunished thanks to her father. Separating from her child.


  • Patch


    Tanabe Bunzo's wife. Acting kittenish with a headband implying she was ill in bed.


  • Patch


    Noh performer wearing a hakama skirt in a court scene. Lady's maid Shigenoi's father.


“Japanese Sweets (Wagashi) Series”

"Japanese Old Tales Series"

"The Night Parade of One Hundred “Yokai” Series"

"Mt. Fuji Series"

"Views In and Around Kyoto Series" 100 patch’s of 100 ancestors in colorful embroidery's.

"Line x Line Series"