This English site is for international shipping out side Japan.


"Traveling Cats Series"

"Japanese myths Series"

"Sushi Series"

"Golden Fish Series"

"Dogu Series"

"Kachin Dyeing Series" beauty of the four seasons and nature in Black & White.

  • Tote Bag


    Red embroidery of firefly Kanji letters glowing faintly on dark ink dyed dewy grass


  • Mini Purse


    Foxes sitting at both sides of a gateway. They are said to be a messenger of God.


  • Tote Bag


    Sumi, Kachin-dyed flowers and red embroidery letters meaning flower falling quietly.


  • Tote Bag

    Golden Fish

    Embroidery letters meaning goldfish swimming through waterweed dyed with Kachin ink.


  • Coaster

    Assorted Kachin

    A set of 4 coasters in Tenugui fabric with needlework-like embroidery on the back.


  • Hand Fan


    Kyo-Fan covered in fabric with embroidered firefly glowing faintly in the dark.


  • Tenugui


    Red embroidered letters of "Frog" hopping and calling in rain falling on rice fields.


  • Book Cover


    Flowers are dyed with Kachin Zome. Embroidered red lines express "flower" falling.


"Hozuki no Reitetsu Series"

“Japanese Sweets (Wagashi) Series”

"Line x Line Series"